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Philips GoSure Rear Car Camera RC20 | Add-on for Front Camera ADR620 / ADR820

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PHILIPS GoSure Full HD Rear Camera
RC 20 [ADR820 Compatible]
1 Year Warranty

Your reliable witness on the road 
Automatically capture your journey in vivid detail

The Philips GoSure ADR820 dash cam captures everything that happens on the road,
in case of the unexpected. With this Full HD rear camera module to record
from the back of your car too, you will have full coverage of your journey.
Upgrade Your Dash Cam

With the Philips GoSure ADR820, you are fully protected on the road from the front.
But how about the back of your car? Upgrade your dash cam with a Full HD camera module and enjoy
your safe drive with crystal-clear recordings of what happens both in front of and behind your car.

Plug-and-Play FHD Rear Camera

Don't worry about the installation of your Full HD rear camera module. It's easy. 
Simply fix the Full HD rear camera onto your rear window with the strong 3M tape, and plug it into your
ADR820 with the cable provided. Now your car will be equipped with sharp eyes at the front and the back.