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Philips Premium Vision 12V Halogen Car Headlight HB3 Replacement Bulb

SGD 40.00
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Brand: Philips

Model: Premium Vision

What’s in the box: 1pc Philips Premium Vision HB3 bulb

Product details:  

  • Up to 30% more vision compared to a standard lamp
  • Type of lamp: HB3
  • Pack of: 1
  • 12 V, 65 W
  • Application: High beam, Front fog light, Low beam
  • Base: P20d

Feel safe, drive safe
Up to 30% more vision compared to a standard lamp
Producing 30% more light compared to a standard car bulb, Vision headlight bulbs ensure
excellent light-beam performance at a very competitive price with Original Equipment
Quality for greater safety and comfort.
A better performance than a standard car head lamp
• Vision bulbs project longer light beams than standard lamps
• Road safety begins with seeing and being seen
• Wide range of 12 V lamps to meet all functions
• Change both your headlamps at once for more safety
Original Equipment manufacturer
• Philips is the choice of major car manufacturers
• Award-winning car lamp manufacturer
• Respecting the high-quality standards of the ECE homologation
Very high-quality and ultra-resistant car lamp
• Philips car lamps are made of high-quality quartz glass
• Philips car lamps are highly resistant to humidity
• Philips car lamps are highly UV resistant